Running Coach - 5k to 100 mile, Road or Trail

Ready to hire Lesley?

Step 1. Client Questionnaire
You fill out the online questionnaire telling me about your current fitness level, running background, goals as well as your available schedule so I can build a customized training program for you.

Step 2. Client Waiver
The lawyers make us do it. Typical stuff.

Step 3. Pay via PayPal or Zelle
You can pay monthly or pay in six-month increments to receive a discount.

Step 4. Individualized Training Plan
I’ll develop an individualized training plan just for you. We’ll also identify some goals along the way and we’ll go from there.

Step 5. Review the schedule
Once you receive the training plan, review it and ask any questions. We will make any adjustments necessary.

Step 6. Train and Adjust (Rinse and Repeat)
Get out there and run! We will discuss your training and progress along the way and make adjustments to keep you on track for your goals.


TEXT: (214)734-0517