Running Gadgets

One of the fun things about a new passion, is all the new goodies you get to look for and try out. I've been back into running for about 18 months now... long enough to know this is now a passion... something I have to do. Not just a passing exercise fad to slim up a little (which, for what its worth, hasn't slimmed me up at all). So I figure its time to try out some new gadgets. I already have the Mac Daddy gadget - the Forerunner 405, so now are some mini-gadgets...

First is GU:

I have heard all about the GU. It looks disgusting, and I'm sure it tastes disgusting, and I've managed to avoid it up until now. However, I completely puttered out around mile 8 in the White Rock Half Marathon. And even in training runs, anything past 6 miles was an energy strain. So I purchased a very small amount to try out on some longer training runs and see how they work out.

Next is Body Glide:

I thought I could avoid this little deoderant shaped gadget. I thought. I have managed to make it without a single blister, but at some point last week, well... I noticed some scabbing. I'm sure you can guess where since my thighs aren't exactly matchsticks (although they were trying to start a fire). I think I'll keep this bad boy in my arsenal for longer distance runs.

Lastly is "The Stick":
I've been feeling a number of aches and pains lately, and I've heard rave reviews of the stick. It has several spindles on a flexible stick that you rub up and down your muscles to massage out the knots. I cannot wait to give this a try. Come on shin splints, show me what ya got!
So that's the new gadgets that have entered my "running box" (yes, I actually have a box on my dresser for all various running gadgets, samples, articles, etc).
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