Running Clothes

You know, there's this theory that runners always dress like runners. And at first, I begged to differ from that comment... wearing running gear just for my runs, and almost immediately showering and getting into something a bit more fashionable (though I am, admittedly, not the most fashionably aware person). But the more I run, the more that statement rings true. I find myself suiting up in my running gear in the morning, even on days I know I won't be running until evening. And the pants that I'm wearing in this photo with my nephew at a race...well, they are potentially the most comfortable pants on the face of the planet. Nike Dri-Fit pants that are actually long enough for my amazon legs. If I owned more than 3 pairs, I think you might catch me wearing them around town on a daily basis. Despite my Asics shoes, I am in love with the Nike apparel. It just seems to fit right and is uber-comfortable. And now I find myself eyeballing and looking at apparel all the time - not just stuff I'd want to run in, but stuff I'd maybe wear on comfy days... which are becoming more and more plentiful, the more I run!