Running Skirts

Yesterday I tried out a running skirt. Some of you may think that sounds crazy, but they are actually quite popular now. Most running sites carry them. The particular one I have is from . It looks like this:

Now, let's do some math. I'm guessing this skirt is 3-4" long, which, if you think about most running shorts, isn't out of the ordinary. This one has a built-in nylon panty that is cut like a boy short (thank goodness!). Anyhow... I put this on, and I have to admit, despite my couple extra rolls, it looked pretty cute. Then I started running (on my treadmill, indoors, alone!)... let's do the math. 3-4" skirt... my rear-end has lowered about an inch for every kid I've had, which drops it about 3"... so that leaves me an inch of leeway, max. I'm under no delusions that anyone wants to see the back end of a woman who has had 3 kids and few too many cheeseburgers in her lifetime. It only took about a minute before the skirt was riding up my hips and I could feel a cool breeze on my bottom. I've seen people look cute in these things, but my conclusion, unless I move to LA and get plastic surgery and also have my legs shortened (I'm 5'11" with a 34" inseam), is that this skirt will only be worn in the privacy of my own home on the treadmill... and not even in front of my husband, who might have nightmares about it for years afterwards. Thank goodness I bought this skirt on a huge clearance sale they had right before Christmas.

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