Keep On Truckin'

I've had an eventful running week. In the last 14 days, I have managed 67 miles. I have not missed a day in 2 weeks. I'm praying that this doesn't lead to injury since my typical running week is only 4 or 5 times a week. I have been limiting myself to a maximum of 2 miles of running on my typical off days, and I really like the way this streak feels. Each run gets a little easier.

A few noteable events:

On Monday, my friend Karen and I decided to do a 10 mile long run together - the last long run to prepare us for the Big D Half-marathon that we'll be running this Sunday, April 11th. She didn't want to head down to the lake, so I suggested Greenbelt Trail in Garland. Now, I've run the Greenbelt Trail before, but only the front side that runs alongside Duck Creek Dr from Centerville down to I-30. I wasn't even really aware that there was a back portion of the loop. So at about mile 8.5, we headed toward the back part of the loop thinking it would be the easiest way back to where we parked, and... we got lost! Not just a little lost... we finally found our cars as my Garmin clicked over to 12.5 miles (yes, we walked that last 2.5miles). I was so late getting home to my kiddos, that I didn't even have time to stretch... so I had to run another 1/2 mile later that day to warm my muscles back up and then stretch. I think Karen has forgiven me, but we'll see on Sunday!!!

On Tuesday morning I got a text from my running partner, Amie, who has been dealing with a number of injuries. She had decided she was ready to start running again (she had been cleared to walk a few weeks ago, but not run). So of course I got up to the gym to meet her for a run. It was great to have her back in action.

On another note, I have been a complete clutz this week. I removed a chunk of skin from my knee on the side of the bleachers during the kids' tennis practice, then removed a chunk of skin from my pinky while cleaning the stove (really???), and then today removed a chunk of skin from my wrist doing an ever-so-graceful fall at the playground and catching the concrete on my wrist. Let's just hope I can make it through these next two half-marathons with my remaining skin in-tact.

Lastly, I've been thinking about doing a lot more half-marathons this year. It's so much easier to just stay ready than it is to have to keep ramping back up. My original plan was just to do the Heels and Hills on May 2 and then White Rock on Dec 12. But I've officially added this weekend's Big D, and I'm considering The Hottest Half on Aug 15, DRC Half on Nov. 7, and/or Rock N Roll San Antonio Half on Nov. 14. I was sad to miss the Rock N Roll Dallas Half on March 14th, but I was afraid with my winter motivational issues that I wouldn't be ready... and I was right!