5.5 miles with the Rockwall Running Center

First, Happy 8th Birthday to my oldest child, Patrick!!!  It was a good day for him.  A couple gifts in the morning (including this uber-cool space shuttle lego set), a visit from Grandmommy and Deece for lunch, a shopping trip to the Super Target to spend some birthday money (where he picked up a new Nikon Coolpix camera, that I will definitely be borrowing), and then getting to stay up a little later than his sisters so he could finish his Space Shuttle!
My morning started out a little earlier though.  I got an invite from the owner of the Rockwall Running Center for a Saturday morning Social Run.  Nevermind that at 6am on a weekend, I'm not feeling very social.  I went for it anyhow.  Which means I was up at 5:15am and in the car by 5:30am.  The total group was about 10 people.  After a short greeting and stretch, we took off. 
The run was from the Running Center to the Rockwall bridge on 66, across the 2 mile bridge to Rowlett, then turn around and come back.  Total distance was 5.5 miles (and you all KNOW how badly that decimal point is bothering me right now... which means on Monday, I will be logging something + 0.5 miles).  The group started off pretty fast.  I quickly fell to the rear (which I really don't mind), but I still noticed on my Garmin that I was pushing 9:30 miles... which is about my 5K PR pace.  I knew I couldn't keep that up for 5+ miles.  I have talked about the Rockwall bridge before... it is NOT my favorite place to run... in fact, I'm fairly certain I don't like it at all... staring at that straight 2 mile bridge where it seems the shoreline never gets closer is intensely demotivating.  I pulled it back a little, but I was still pushing it, especially considering it was ridiculously humid and the temp was in the high 70s or low 80s.  Still pretty hot to be chugging along.  I still pushed hard anyhow, and managed to keep the pace for about 3.5 miles, but I really slugged through the last 2, especially that one hill that happens to be at the very end of the run to get back to the store.  I know I have nothing to complain about with regards to hills in Texas, but I was tired and sluggish, and for that hill to be there was just not nice!  But I finished, which is my small victory for the day, and I'll take it!
I celebrated with a big juicy hamburger, some sweet potato fries, and fresh corn on the cob followed by homemade birthday cake (from my mother-in-law).  Yum!!! 
Now I have to figure out which day to get my long run in early next week since I skipped my 10 mile planned run so that I could attend this event.