Another Day, Another Dreadmill...

Yes, I call it a dreadmill, because I always dread it... but my treadmill has served it's purpose for a lot of miles.  I'm fairly certain it needs to be calibrated, unless something about running at home creates natural lead in my feet and bricks in my pants.  Pretty sure that's not the case, and I'll just live with the fact that it tells me I'm running really slowly... and hope that it means I'm putting in even more miles than I think, mentally.  Bad that I'm not getting to log them, but good that somehow I convince myself that it's only 4 miles, so it shouldn't be a problem.

So today I got up on the treadmill and switched on my treadmill entertainment...
I love House.  It's a fascinating show to me, despite the fact that miraculously every cure happens to work within just an hour or two.  Major diseases can be cured overnight.  It's still entertaining, and makes for a perfect 4 mile per episode length. 
So today I set my sights on 4 miles.  A nice easy recovery run after Sunday's 15K.  Wait, I think you need to take a look at the excitement on my face:
Yeah, I know, I look thrilled to be starting this workout.  Did I mention that I'm no longer turning on my power fan when I work out?  I want my body to get at least a little used to the heat since my next event is a half marathon in mid-August in Texas heat.  Yes, I plan to have my sanity checked... anyhow, back to the workout.
My motivation was low, and I had just read an article about how high intensity is a better calorie burn, and I could hear all that yada yada yada yada in my head from all the really cool runners who tell you about doing sprints, so I decided to go for it.  I took on a slow warm-up jog and then alternated sprint-walk-jog-sprint-walk-jog.  For a grand total of 4.5 miles.
I know what you're thinking... why 4.5 miles?  Why not 4, like you intended?  Or just go for 5?  Well, this is where my mathematical mind with ridiculous obsessions come into play.  Remember I ran that 15k Sunday... well, my Garmin measured 9.5 miles (vs the 9.3), so I had a wacky 9.5 on my training log.  I cannot stand having decimal points in my training log, so I had to even the total mileage back out to an integer, thus the 4.5 mile run.  Are you still with me?  Are you snoring?  Do you realize how utterly ridiculous that is?  Regardless, that's what I did.
All in all, a very hot, sweaty workout that left me feeling like I did my part for the day.