Pushing Through a Looooooong Treadmill Run

For the last two days, I've had some muscle tightness and soreness.  It's kept me from really pushing my runs.  But I absolutely wanted to get in another long run before I leave town for a week since I have a half marathon less than a week after I get back.  Today, I hit the gym with a little more than my usual water and towel.  I brought along these long run favorites:
I had a nice protein granola bar for breakfast, had a little bit of water, and headed on my way.  My good friend, Sarah, agreed to meet me there at 9:30am... which means I got there at 8:45am.  I knew I wanted to get in a long run, and I figured I'd need the inspiration more towards the end than at the beginning.  I started with the vanilla GU and then got going.  It was actually a very calm, relaxed, uneventful run.  It has been awhile since I felt that good on a run (just disappointing I was inside a gym going nowhere instead of on the road watching nature).  Sarah got there right on time, about 4 miles into my run.  It was a great time to have a little company.  I had the chocolate GU and kept trucking.  Sarah kept me company until about mile 8.  Not long after she left, the treadmill timed out (one of the issues with being a slower runner... the treadmill only goes for 99 minutes).  I quickly turned it off and reset it and completed the last little bit.  I was even able to push out a nice sprint for the last quarter mile.  Total mileage was 10.5.  Quarter mile warm-up, 10 miles at 11 min/mile, and a quarter mile cool down.  I felt great!  I haven't had a long run where I truly felt good in quite awhile.  Of course, I rarely do long runs indoors on a treadmill.
I'm feeling a little sore now, but I'm going to get in another warm-up and stretch, and then I plan to get nice and comfy with... The Stick!
On a side note, a big shout-out to my sister-in-law, Angelia, who is on week 4 of Couch-to-5k, who conquered a full 2 miles the other day.  That is no small feat, as all of us know.  The first time I went further than a mile without walking, I thought I was going to hyperventilate!