Upcoming Giveaway and Today's Sweltering 5K

First, coming up in about a week, keep your eyes peeled for a CSNstores.com gift card giveaway.  CSN has just about everything you would want - including Le Creuset, Rachael Ray cookware, Samsonite luggage, and all sorts of other great things.  I really have my eye on this Wok and this Food Dehydrator.

As for today's run... I could've used the pavement, instead of a Wok, to cook me up a nice five-course meal.  I should've stuffed myself with some herbs and used twine to hold my limbs together before going outside.  Today was one of those where Negative Nelly is whispering in your ear the whole time, "You don't want to do this."  "Wait, isn't it taper time?  Do I really need this run?"  "If I collapsed right here, my family would never find me, maybe I should just go home."  So with all that uber-positive internal dialogue, I decided to make this a nice easy 3 mile run,  And, in my defense, running my neighborhood is always slightly more challenging than elsewhere because there actually are hills...  Don't get me wrong, I still live in Texas... so some of you would consider these ant mounds, but they take the breath out of me.  I'm a hill wimp. 
I got through it anyhow, and right towards the end, I saw something I'd never seen before running in my neighborhood or the two adjacent neighborhoods... was it a halucination?  a mirage?  It was ANOTHER RUNNER.  Shocking, I know.  But I have honestly never seen another runner in any of the 3 neighborhoods.  I see other runners when I go to trails or parks or whatever, but never ever here.  Maybe this is a trend and with all the new houses going in behind us, perhaps someday, somehow, the perfect running partner will just appear - slow but determined.  A girl can dream, right?
On a side note, I'm leaving in a couple days for Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  Does anyone have any advice about my running and adjusting to the altitude???