Walkin' It Out

I really wanted to do a 10 mile long run yesterday, but my muscles are tight and sore.  I probably could've slugged through 10 miles and been miserable, but I did something new... I just walked a brisk 3 miles.  Got my muscles nice and warmed up, and then took a long stretch.  My muscles still feel tight and sore, and I'm not certain why, but I am certain that now is not the time for overuse injuries, so I'm going to treat every twitch and pain with care.  I plan to take today off except for a warm-up and another stretch (and maybe an ab session in my living room).  Wednesday WILL be the 10 mile day.  Whether I run it, walk it, or crawl it.

Last night, I actually got out of the house with a friend who is getting ready to head out of town and start a new adventure in life.  Eve and I met in metalsmithing class a few years ago, only to find out we lived just a couple miles from one another.  (If you want to see my jewels, you can go here.) 
Our first stop last night was Asian Mint. 
Where we had some of this:
Followed by this:
Which may just look so-so, but it was positively divine.  It might have been one of my favorite desserts of all time.  It was dense, moist spice cake layered with green tea ice cream, and a topped layer of whipped cream.   Not too sweet, not too rich, no bold flavors, just simple and pleasant and completely yummylicious.  Totally worth running for!!!
After a full dinner, we caught a movie... something I haven't done without children in a very very long time.
I wish I could unload stress like this everyday.  It was a calm, relaxing, entertaining evening with good company.  I didn't have to "race off" the stress yesterday... but I'll be back to running that stress (and dinner) off here really soon!!!