100 Days

My local MOMS Club has started up a 100 Day Fitness Challenge.  We've decided to do it based on minutes exercised.  It's all about encouraging us all to get out there and get moving.  And I've gathered up some cool prizes for the ladies.  Our challenge started yesterday.  Ironicly, blogger Courtney started her own 100 day challenge on the exact same day.  Her challenge just encourages us to set goals and challenge ourselves to meet them during the 100 day period.  So here I am, double-challenged!  Most people who know me, know I am goal-oriented, and always up for a challenge.

Since I'm double-challenged, today I double did it... At 5am, I met a running group near White Rock Lake.  I have never run with a running group before, but I've always wanted to.  It was a hard run in the heat and humidity (yes, even at 5am), but I was glad to be there.  The invite came from a sweet lady named Pat.  Pat has a special place with me because she was my pace leader at my very first half-marathon.  Pace teams rock, as far as I'm concerned.  Running with a group and having a leader to encourage and keep you at a consistent pace is a priceless thing at these long distances, especially for those of us not uber- experienced at this.  But anyway, today's run was a nice 4 1/2 miles.  Challenging due to the weather and the pace (most of the group runners keep a faster pace than I do), but very encouraging.  And I'm glad I did it.  I look forward to running with them again next week.  (And no, the lake didn't look as beautiful as in that picture, but I thought posting a photo of a big black square wouldn't be very attractive.)

I spent a couple hours relaxing (after I got the kids ready for school, and lunches made for both kids and the husband).  But then it was time to head to Bodyworks class at LA Fitness, which is taught by my friend and fellow runner, Elaine.  As part of my challenge goals, I want to do at least one cross-training session a week... so I have committed to going to Elaine's class weekly.  Elaine kicked my rear today.  Squat, knee up, squat, kick, squat, glute squeeze, squat, side kick.  Press up, bicep curl, dead lift.  Ugh.  Call it a day.  But I did it... one step at a time.  Thanks Elaine for the burn! 

GU Review:  I tried yet another flavor today... Lemon Sublime.  I was a little apprehensive after not liking how strong the blueberry one was, but I was shocked.  I love it!  It kind of tastes like Gatorade... the original flourescent Gatorade (when I was a teen, I used to eat the powder straight out of the jar).  It was yum, and gave me just enough energy to get through my morning run!  Want to try it?  Don't forget to go enter my GU Giveaway before August 31st!!!

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