Another Day, Another Grind

Today I hit the dreadmill at the gym.  As luck would have it, I had a meeting at the kids' school this morning and there was another lady there who intended to hit the treadmills at the same gym.  Score!  Another buddy for the gym.  It is so much easier to run with someone next to me.  So thanks Emily for the run.  I started in thinking 6 miles was a good number.  As I hit just over 5, right about when Emily was finished with her training (for her first half marathon!), another friend, Amie, showed up at the gym.  Score 2.  And since she was there, I just decided to keep going.  Made it to about 7 and then decided to pull it back, and just walked another 2.  So I got in a solid 7 mile run and a good 2 mile walk.  Not bad for a Monday morning.

GU Review:  This morning I grabbed Vanilla Orange Roctane GU (with 2x the caffeine).  I took it before my run.  It gave me great energy and yes, it tasted exactly like a dreamsicle.  While I have some nostalgic memories of dreamsicles, it's not exactly my idea of a pre-workout taste.  But if you love the dreamsicle, you'll love this one.  It was the perfect boost, though.
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On another note, I love to read lots of other blogs and see how other runners are progressing in their running.  Some of them are just starting out and others are way way advanced.  Recently a blogger I follow, Dorothy Beal, wrote up a great little article geared towards first-time marathoners.  As a future first-time marathoner (December 5th!), I just really liked what she had to say.  It really gels everything I learned in the half marathons I've done, and she keeps it simple and to the most important factors for first timers.  Anyhow, go check it out HERE