Colorado Photos and More Race Prep!

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Now, onto more important things... like family, vacation, and COOLER temperatures, right?  How about my 3 little animal lovers in front of a big black bear at the Wildlife Park.

This photo is being shared simply because it's cute.  Period.

This is the lovely waterfall that I stopped to look at just before my car got hit on Day 1 of our time in Colorado.  Fortunately, I got over my jitters and managed to return to the falls and take some more photos, and then even managed to get to the Wolf Creek pass area that I never got to the day before.

What was out our front door every morning:
And one of the favorite days for the kids was this awesome train ride through northern New Mexico.
Now that we're done with fun and pretty and remembering 60 degree weather... let's look at the weather forecast for my half marathon this Sunday.  Oh yeah, looks lovely, doesn't it?  You wish you were me, don't you?  I have already started drinking water like crazy to make sure I'm hydrated, which unfortunately means I'm up twice a night to visit the porcelain genie.  Fabulous.
BUT... I have plenty of reason to race well this Sunday.  I am just over the moon excited about how many of my friends have taken up running and have committed to racing (including my BFF who just started on the treadmill yesterday and has already committed to do a 5k with me).  I am feeling seriously energetic and inspired.  I know the heat will take it out of me, but all I want is that finish line!