Colorado Vacation or NOT!

Monday, I had grand plans of a running expedition, but my mood was ruined when I not only witnessed an RV flip and go head on into the side of the mountain,

but then watched their towed vehicle unlatch and fling across the parking lot into the truck next to me, pushing the truck into my van. Vehicle damage is not what you want to deal with when you are 900 miles from home with 3 kids and without your husband. Fun times.

Fortunately, everyone involved is fine, and my car is driveable. I just have to pull a pseudo-Dukes of Hazzard move and crawl in from the passenger's side... which got old around the twentieth time.

I planned on getting a lot of running while on vacation, but I only got in 2 average runs (4 miles on Tuesday and 5 miles on Thursday).  I was gasping for air the whole time.  The altitude was really trying on my lungs.  If you have a race at high altitude anywhere in your future, I suggest taking some steps to train for it.  Yikes!  I know dehydration and high heart rate are risks at higher altitude, so I took it easy and took walk breaks when I needed.  I also carried a water bottle, despite the pleasant 60 degree air.  I normally wouldn't carry a water bottle at the temperature and distance.

Looking for a clear head and some motivation to get out and run back in Texas today!

Giveaway from CSN starting tomorrow... stay tuned!!!