Dream Races

Do you have a list of races you'd like to do "someday"?  Like visions of Sugar Plum fairies dancing in your head?  I know most runners dream of Boston, but I'm under no crazy delusions that I'll ever qualify for Boston.  New York is surrounded by all sorts of hype, but I'm not sure that one excites me that much, either.

I think the races I would most like to do are...

Marine Corps Marathon - My father was a Marine for 26 years.  I trained for the Marines at Officer Candidate School (even though I subsequently turned down my commission).  And I grew up just south of D.C.  For me, this marathon would be sentimental.  I hope to do it someday in the near future.  But first I have to know I can complete a marathon.  And second, I have to commit to travelling there mid-school year, while I have 3 small children - not the easiest thing to plan.

Maui Marathon - Really, does this one need explanation?  It's supposed to be much smaller than the Honolulu Marathon with only 1450 entries.  And let me just past this little excerpt from Runner's World to show you why it tempts me... "This beautiful point-to-point, mostly flat course offers the best of Hawaii. Marathon morning on Maui begins in Kahului with a traditional Hawaiian blessing, hula dancers, and musicians blowing conch shells in the prerace darkness. The race starts at 5:30 a.m. to take advantage of cooler temperatures (in the 60s). Tiki torches light the way for the first half-mile. At mile six you see the sun rise over the 10,000-foot volcano Mount Haleakala. After mile eight you run alongside the crashing waves of the Maui surf for much of the race. Off the coast you can see Molokini, an extinct volcano crater. As you run northwest, the West Maui Mountains block the sun. Enjoy the cool ocean breezes and the sun at your back, and take advantage of the plentiful fluid stations with iced sponges—by 10 a.m. temps can be in the 80s. On the flat section between miles 14 and 19, you've got great views of two other Hawaiian islands, Lanai and Molokai, and the chance for some cooling crosswinds. You arrive in the historic whaling village of Lahaina before finishing at the Kaanapali Resort Area, where you are greeted with a lei and a medallion as you cross the finish line."  (Yes, the photo to the left is part of the course... sweet, eh?)

Disney Princess Half Marathon - Again, this really shouldn't take any explanation.  It's Disney, and it's fun.  And you know what?  I'm registered!!!  I can't wait.  My family will be coming along, and we'll be enjoying a full week of Disney along with the festivities.  It will be the first time my husband and kids have ever been to Disney.  I haven't been since I was a very very young kid.  I absolutely can't wait... but shhhhhhhhh, the kids don't know.  They'll be getting their Disney tickets for Christmas!!! 

So what are your dream races???

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