Get Your Veggies On

Admittedly, I have never been the best at getting enough veggies into my diet.  I know I need them.  I know how good they are for me, but it just doesn't happen.  The biggest contributor to solving my veggie problem has been to join a co-op.   There are 12 members and every other week, 2 of us hit the Dallas Farmer's Market wholesale section and buy up some crates of freshness and separate it into 12 baskets.  Each basket is only $15.  Today was my turn to shop, and I was accompanied by my new co-op partner, Jenn (really, is there anything better than getting up at 5:30am to go veggie shopping with a great friend?  ok, maybe a few things).

So here is our loot from today:

Doesn't that look completely yummylicious?  Green leaf lettuce, green beans, yams, squash, zucchini, corn, pears, white peaches, mango, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, and grapes.  Score.  Not only is it a steal for $15, but it forces me to make lots of fresh veggies.  I absolutely hate waste, so I'm pretty good about finding ways to try to consume every morsel before it goes bad.  It's been quite a blessing to be surrounded by this fresh, affordable produce.  It's certainly better than living off frozen veggies everyday (not that I don't still eat my share of frozen ones).
And just because when I was taking a photo of the veggies, Paige said "Take picture of Paige", you are left with this little gem (although it has occured to me that I better get a photo of my other two kiddos lest everyone think Paige is my only one!!!)...

Tomorrow, back to your regularly scheduled running program.