GU Giveaway!

As most of you know, I am a believer in GU.  It's a great energy gel that gives me that extra bit of energy I need on long runs.  I generally use the vanilla or chocolate outrage (which, I think, tastes like brownie batter - YUM).  But I've been sampling a lot of other flavors recently and reporting on them in other posts.  I gave the mandarin orange a surprising thumbs up - I really didn't expect to like it.  The blueberry-pomegranate ultra endurance GU got a thumbs down for flavor (I thought it was a bit too strong, but I'm sure others might like it) but a thumbs up for performance (I felt great during the run).  I'll continue to review flavors throughout the next couple weeks.

Alright, I know all this talk about GU has you all itching for a giveaway... so here's your chance to get a sample of lots and lots of different flavors.  This will take you through lots of runs!  So without further ado, here is the loot you could win:

Here's the lowdown on the entries...  Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

Mandatory - Be a follower of this blog (the "follow" button is in the right column) - 1 entry
Go to the GU website and tell me which flavor you most want to try - 1 entry
Post a link to the giveaway on facebook - 1 entry
Tweet a link to this giveaway on twitter - 1 entry
Blog about this giveaway and tell me the link to your blog post - 1 entry
If you could invent a GU flavor, what would it be?  - 1 entry

Contest ends on August 31st at midnight central.  Winner will be posted on September 1st.  Good luck!!!!!!!!

giveaway, GULesley Jones