It's Friday!

Today was uneventful as far as running.  I hosted a playgroup this morning and served a crazy dish:

Looks appetizing, right?  Consider it a carb-load.  It's tortellini dyed blue with broccoli (seaweed) and carrots (starfish) and ham (dolphins).  I put just a touch of dressing to coat and salt and pepper.  Come on, you know this is exactly what you wanted to see on a running blog, right?  This little dish was inspired by the awesome Shannon, who has her own fabulous blog - What's for Lunch at our House.
Anyhow, that took up my morning, so the run got delayed... and then I put it off more... and more... and it was 4:30pm.  I forced myself to get on the treadmill and planned for a quick 3 miles.  After a mile in, my phone rang... I talked for a bit while still walking, hung up, and started to run again... for about two minutes and then the phone rang again, and I answered.  So I just continued to walk (at 3.8mph) for the whole conversation.  Hey, at least I was still burning calories, right?  I got to 3.4 miles. 
Those who know me are saying, huh?  You?  3.4 miles?  Is that a decimal place?  I'm the one who will keep going until I get to an even mileage.  BUT, I have a half marathon recently... so there was this lingering 0.1 in my log, and then the running group went 4.5 on Tuesday... so then I had a lingering 0.6.  Sooooooooo, 3.4 was perfect.  (Are you all laughing at how ridiculous I can be now???)
Tomorrow, a long run around White Rock Lake with a crazy crazy crazy (did I say crazy?) friend who signed up for her first half marathon that is only 30 days away.  Again, did I say crazy?  The good side is that she's a natural and she can do 5 with no issue at all... I totally think she can do it.  But she's still crazy.  We're gonna shoot for at least 9 tomorrow and see how it goes.