Last Day of the Giveaway, and a Humid Run

Are you sick of me talking about GU yet?  Well today is the last day to enter the GU Giveaway.  I think in testing some new flavors, I'm still sold on the chocolate outrage being my favorite.  Vanilla bean also still remains firmly in second place.  But I'm definitely thinking about adding some Lemon Sublime and Mandarin Orange to my stash, surprisingly.  I'm, personally, not a fan of the Chomps, but I know lots of people who are.  I just don't like chewing while I'm running.  That probably sounds silly, but I don't need anything else to focus on other than one foot in front of the other.  I'm gonna try out the electrolyte GU Brew this weekend, and I'll let you know how that works out.

This morning was a 5am run with a running group.  They've been established for awhile, and I've started tagging along on Tuesdays.  Did I mention that they are all faster than me?  Yeah, it's tough to keep up sometimes.  I especially struggled today in the humidity.  But the distance was 4 miles, so I figured I could push through (besides, if I lost the group, I didn't know my way back to my car - pretty sure that'd be a worse situation!).  Today, I am going to accept that 4 is enough for the day.  My legs are feeling a bit like Santa's tummy (i.e.  a bowl full of jelly). 

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