Preparing for the Hottest Half

As you all know, my motivation has been lower than the temperature in Antarctica.  Between the car and the stitches and unpacking from our Colorado trip and a million other things, I am completely spent.  But I put on a new pair of Nike Tempo running shorts.  Seriously, I could live in these shorts, and I have a thing about NOT wearing shorts (I am just not a fan of my upper-legs - perhaps I should work on that).  Side note:  Unless you're a runway model, I highly suggest getting a size up in these shorts if you want to try them out... I try to have respect for the few people that are actually behind me when I run.  ;-)
I picked out my treadmill entertainment.  Who doesn't love Netflix?  Come on, you know you do.  We don't have cable, so we adore Netflix.  But this movie was a bad choice... "My One and Only".  It's based on George Hamilton's childhood, and let me tell you, it didn't distract me from running AT ALL.  I might as well have been watching paint dry.  I didn't finish it yet, that will require another torturous run, but I'm pretty confident that it's not going to get any better.

At mile 2, I was interrupted by a scratching on my leg... Hmmmm... what's that... oh?  You're supposed to take the tag off the shorts before you wear them???

At mile 3.5, I was reminded why I really dislike running at home when I was interrupted by "I need to go powwy."  I finished off the 4 miles afterwards and called it a day.  I hope to get in a lot more tomorrow.

I do have to keep my running legs on, because this Sunday, I have The Hottest Half on my schedule.  You know you are all jealous of my running in 90-100 degree sweltering heat in Texas in mid-August (which is the hottest month here).  I am considering doing a run-walk method to get through this.  I usually try to run the whole time (except for when I get water, since I've learned that getting the water into your mouth instead of on your shirt is more important than a few seconds time).  It should be fun!
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