Today is a Big Day

Today was the first day of school!!!  That means my oldest, Patrick, was headed to 3rd grade, and my little Lily was headed to her very first day of Kindergarten.  This will be the first time I have two in school.  (And, of course, Paige HAD to be in the photo.)  I also was the nerdy mom and snapped this quick photo of Lily with her teacher as she walked into the classroom (our school has a drop-off line, so you stay in your car).  I have about 20 minutes to finish this post before I have to hop in the car and pick them up so I can hear all about their day.  Paige cannot wait to pick them up... she keeps telling me "Patrick all gone.  Lily all gone."

After I dropped the big kids off, I headed straight to the gym (aren't you proud of me?).  I'm taking advantage of my motivation while it's at a high.  I planned to try to get in a longer dreadmill run (which is way easier at the gym than at home), so I brought a couple new GUs to keep me energized.  I took the ultra endurance blueberry pomegranate before the run.  I like blueberries and I like pomegranates, but I did not like the taste of this GU.  I'm sure it's personal preference, but I just want a mild flavor to help me get it down quick.  This one was a little too strong in flavor for me.  But, I will say that I felt exceptionally good through the first 4 miles of my dreadmill run.
I guess Paige couldn't stand the fact that she was unable to interrupt my runs like her favorite pasttime at home, so she managed to trip and fall hitting her chin.  Yes, you guessed it... in the exact same spot she got stitches almost 2 weeks ago.  Surprisingly, it popped open and the blood squirted.  Ewwww.  So after 4 miles, I got pulled off the treadmills to take care of my little one.  She was fine, it was just bleeding way more than a typical wound, and she was really sensitive in the area.  She asked to leave, so I obliged.  What's a mom to do???  I got her home and taped her up and applied antibiotic, and she was good to go. 
Sooooooo... I pulled from deep within and hit the home treadmill for another 4 miles.  And in typical fashion, it was interrupted by "powwy" runs and whatever else, but I got through it.  I wanted 8-10 solid miles today, but I had to take what I could get.  It may have been broken up, but at least I still put 8 miles on my legs, so I'm feeling good.  Afterwards, I chugged down a Gatorade G Series.  These things taste so good after a long run, but I just can't drink them otherwise.  I don't know why.  But boy oh boy is it refreshing after a good run.
(And for the record, I never did take the Jet Blackberry GU that I had planned on... I'll save it for another day...)
Oh, and since I shared with you my veggie co-op produce, this was the first thing I made with it.  I should call this the "Kitchen Sink" salad, because I tend to put everything I can find in the house in it... but it turned out quite nice.  I used carrots, red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, chopped up pear, and some awesome smoked chicken pieces (thank you hubby!)... topped with a light red wine vinagrette.  Yummy!
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