Today's GOOD Run and the Clickety Clicks in the Sidebar

Today I planned a 4 mile run with two friends - Jenn (who is not really a distance runner, but is a natural, and has been adding on mileage quite quickly) and Robin (who is training for a marathon, like me, but she's got more experince and is a lot faster!).  We met at 5am.  After weeks of hitting 105-109 degrees, it was amazing to hit a 73 deg morning.  Robin was looking for an easy run and didn't mind my slow pace (or so she said  ;-)  ).  Jenn was a good sport agreeing to get up so early and run with me.  It was a great run.  The temperature was fabulous, the company was good, and everything just seemed easy.  Running outdoors hasn't felt this way in a long time.  In fact, we felt so good that as we hit the end at 4 miles, we went ahead and tacked on another mile.  I probably would've happily gone even further than the 5, but I was out of time!  I had to get home to get the kiddies up for school.  Giant confidence boost from that run today.  I definitely needed that.  After those super hot mid-summer runs, I questioned whether I'd ever get the mileage to make it through my marathon in December.  Now I can truly feel ok about blaming the bad runs on the weather!

On another topic... you might notice some banners over on my right sidebar.  I want to be completely open about these ads.  Everything you see to the right is an affiliate link... meaning if about 1,000 people buy a new pair of running shorts through those links, I might be able to buy a new pack of GU to fuel my next run.  But seriously, every company that you see over there was personally selected by me.  You will not see any links that aren't related to running or outdoor activity, and I will not put links for products that I don't personally recommend.  (The first link, Road Runner, is where I get the large majority of my running clothes and gear... and they run fabulous sales.)  So if you need anything, or feel tempted to check out any of the fabulous companies over there... be sure to clickety click through the ads on this blogs and help keep me blogging. 

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