50-mile Challenge Update

If you missed it, Clyde laid down a challenge, and I took it (although I twisted it a little).  You can see the details of the challenge HERE.  But basically, I committed to doing 50 miles this week between Sunday and Saturday.

There are two problems thus far:
1.  I remembered I have a 5K on Saturday followed by a wedding.  So that means I need 47 of those miles by Friday.  Talk about cutting things short.  Eek!!!
2.  I intended to get in a few walking miles in between things on my treadmill.  Well, on Friday, as you may know, my treadmill died.  Completely gone.  That means all my miles have to be early in the morning before my husband leaves for work at 6:30 am, or they need to be at the gym within my 2 hour time limit.

Sunday - Half Marathon - 13.45 miles
Monday - Like an idiot, I pushed hard - 8.0 miles (walk 1/run 3/walk 2/run 2)
Tuesday - Only a pitiful 2.55 miles - Ran 1.55, Walked 1.  I was still super sore from Sunday and not resting Monday, and decided I needed to take it easy.  I might be able to squeeze in another mile with the baby while the big kiddos are playing tennis.

Total so far - 24 miles.  Not too bad considering it's only Tuesday.  But that still means I need 23 miles in the next 3 days since I'll only get 3 on Saturday.  Eek!

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