50 miles - WHAT?!?

Did you hear me?  I said 50 miles.  Now, don't think I'm completely insane.  I didn't make an overnight decision to become an ultrarunner before I've even completed my first marathon or anything like that.  Besides, all my friends would tell you that I never do anything loco. (Can you hear the chuckles and giggles and see the finger pointing?)

A fellow blogger, Clyde, has recently lost 50 lbs.  Then he noticed he was spending time celebrating and not spending time making the good choices that got him the weight loss.  He wanted a kick to get back on track and one of his readers suggested a 50 mile challenge over the weekend.  Note that Clyde runs and bikes, so while 50 miles in a weekend (Friday-Sunday) seems insane, I completely think he can do it with the right combo of bike rides, runs, and walks.  So, in turn, he challenged his readers to pick a ridiculous number of miles and challenge ourselves.

As most of you know, I don't bike... I just run (and occassionally walk after my legs can no longer run).  Plus, I have a half marathon Sunday.  So I didn't think giving myself a weekend challenge would work since I'd then be exhausted for my race (which I'm running with 2 others).  And besides, I liked the nice round number of 50, and knew there was no way I could do that in 3 days.  Just the time commitment alone wouldn't happen.

So, I decided I would keep the challenge at 50 miles, but I'd give myself one week starting Sunday (and including my half marathon).  This is still an insane challenge for me.  I have never run more than 41 miles in a week, and that was recently.  Also, I am really on edge about injuring myself prior to my December marathon, so I do not want to push myself to injury.  But I think it's totally achievable.  I'm just going to have to accept that some of these miles will have to be walking.

Now it's out there... I have publicly announced my challenge... and now I'm accountable.  That's what blogging is all about, right?

So... anyone out there up for challenging themselves as well?

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