Feeling Quiet?!?!

I know, those of you who know me are thinking, HUH?  Yeah, I'm never quiet.  Just ask anyone who has ever run within 100 yards of me.  Even if you're leaving me in the dust, I will probably still try to talk to  you.  But I'm feeling a bit wordless today...

Got in a nice 4.5 this morning with my Tuesday running group.  It felt good, and though I had intended to make today a double run and meet Emily at the gym... Paige developed a concerning cough - which I'm now fairly certain is nothing, but I hate taking her to Kid's Club and potentially exposing other kiddos.  Pretty sure she just has some allergy crud.  She is, after all, a miniature version of her momma.

I also ran for the first time today in my new Brooks Ghost 3s.  They felt light and speedy compared to my Asics, which feel more cushioned (yes, that's as technical as I'm capable of being).  So I looked up the weights.  My tried and true Asic Gel-Nimbus weighs 9.8oz, and the Brooks Ghost 3 weighs 9.2oz.  Now, knowing how in-tune I am with my body, of course I could tell the difference in 0.6oz!  Seriously, though... why do they feel so different?  Is it how the weight is distributed?  Has anyone else used both of these shoes and have a comparison?  I like them both for different reasons, but I intend to keep the rotation going for the next 6 months or so until both pairs die, and then I'll decide which I really prefer (or maybe I won't???).

This week is light since I have half marathon #5 this weekend.  When I signed up for my first half, I figured it was a one time thing... MAYBE I could've fathomed doing it once a year.  I never figured that I'd sign up for them casually on a whim and just get out there and do it.

(See, told you I am never wordless... even when I think I'm wordless...)

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