Friday Randomness

- This morning, this is what I was doing instead of running...  We were watching Dora.  She asked to watch and ran upstairs to get her pillow.  Then she asked me to lie down with her.  After yesterday's double runs, it really didn't take a lot to tempt me.  It's been awhile since we've had a little lazy time, so I obliged.  And yes, we were just lame enough to take a photo of ourselves.

- Today was pick-up for my veggie co-op.  Loads of yummylicious fruits and veggies.  I already know, due to the cilantro, that there will be a tortilla soup on the horizon.  And there were some huge chili peppers.  I've never stuffed peppers before, but I'm thinking that's what needs to happen.  Perhaps Lizzy will have some advice for me.  (Hopefully she'll read this!!!)

-  Road Runner Sports (my favorite place to purchase running clothes/accessories) just announced a new link for affiliates.  Check it out in my sidebar... 15% off plus free shipping.  It's only valid through the 7th (Tuesday).  So if you have something you want/need, clickety-click and stock up.  They have a huge summer clearance as well, so if you can get 15% on top of the clearance prices, you might score some good deals.

- I have a couple of really awesome reviews/giveaways coming.  One item just arrived yesterday, and I am stoked about reviewing it at the Heels and Hills Half Marathon later this month.  Keep your eyes peeled...

- I really really wanted pizza last night.  I love cheese, and I love sausage.  But, I am trying to be good about making better decisions.  I decided not to pass up my two favorite pizza toppings, so to make up for it, I used a thin whole wheat pizza crust.  I put a thin layer of sauce and then topped it with hoards of spinach and a few red bell peppers... THEN I put on sausage (that I cooked up myself and then squeezed the fool out of in some paper towels to minimize the fat/grease) and some mozerella cheese.  It was yummy... and even the kids gobbled it up.  In fact, my 2-year-old liked it so much, that she asked for more for lunch today!!!

- I'll be up at 5:30am to get in my long run tomorrow at the lake.  I'm still trying to figure out the best way to get around the lake without interferring with the 5 mile race that'll be going on there.  Off to research that.  Wish me luck!
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