Gettin' Ready to Get Muddy

Yesterday, I managed 11 whole miles on the dreadmill.  Thankfully, I had a friend next to me for the majority of it.  She was completing her first 7 mile run.  Congrats Emily!  I think my first 7-miler was sort of an epiphany moment... it's the first run longer than a 10k (6.2miles).  I think it kind of crosses the line into "endurance" runner.  Love it.  And on another note, man could I tell the difference in my fresh new shoes.  I went ahead and wore the Asics for this 11 miles because I know them, and I know my feet like them, and I knew I was going far.  I'll be trying the Brooks out on a shorter run first.  (Paige and I took a little photo of ourselves post-run, outside of the gym.)

Just so there are no delusions about endurance running... every single run 7+ for me is a small victory.  Despite having run 4 half-marathons, I don't think the long runs ever get easy for me.  It's more about the confidence going up to the point where I know I am capable of finishing.  But every step is still hard.  Completing it is still a challenge.  (I think the lady in this photo understands what I mean.)  There are good days where I get through it easier and bad days where I fight the mental battle the whole way.  The first 4 miles yesterday were a mental battle.  So thankful I had Emily next to me.  My desire for her to complete that 7-miler kept me moving... and the last couple miles were easy.  I had actually only planned 10, but when I noticed I still had time left in my 2 hour time limit for the Kid's Club, I went ahead and pushed another.

Today is the Jailbreak.  3.8 miles of super muddy obstacles.  Should be fun.  I'm going with a friend, and we plan to take it easy.  I want to laugh, I do NOT want to get injured.  I am not worried about time today.  I'm getting antsy, though... it's so much easier to just get up early and GO.  My wave doesn't start until 4pm.