Hair and Shoes

But not together... don't worry... I'm not here to report on hairy toes or anything like that!  They just happen to be two things I'm sick off...

My hair is long and super thick.  After a run, it's at least 30 minutes to wash and a solid 45 to dry (likely, I just put it in a ponytail or clip and allow it to mildew until I take it down at bedtime and realize it's still sopping wet). 

(Yes, I just allowed you to see me with no make-up at 6:30am, fresh out of bed.)

With the ramping up towards my first marathon, the runs are getting more frequent, and I am getting lazier and lazier with taking care of this mop, so I set an appointment with my hair magician - Trisha - and headed in today.  I originally told her I wanted something like this:

But she warned me that if I go too short, I will *have* to do my hair all the time... there is no allowance for lazy days.  She wanted to keep it a smidge longer, and knowing that I run, she suggested leaving the layers around the face long so that I could still pull them back.  And this is where I ended up:
Yes, I'm uber-cool and took this photo of myself in the parking lot of the salon.  All the trendy bloggers are doing it.  I wasn't quite as rad as TMB, but I'm pretty happy with the cut!  And it does still have some versatility, which I like.
On another topic, my shoes are dead.  They have lived a short, but happy life, and are now destined for the graveyard.  I need a new pair STAT.  Ugh.  Must. Get. To. Running. Store. Now.  I keep procrastinating, and now I'm over my "retire" mileage... and to make it even more jolly, now my adductor muscle on my right leg is acting up, and my feet are starting to ache post-workout.  Red lights are flashing... must get shoes.  If you don't see photos of new shoes on this blog by the end of the week, I expect verbal lashings from you all!
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