I Must Be Crazy

Oh wait, that's already been confirmed.  But now I'm considering kicking it up a notch in my marathon training.  I had written out a pretty beginner marathon training program and envisioned myself struggling through every step, but now I have this new confidence (based on how well I felt after 14), and I'm wondering if maybe I could kick it up to a different level of training.  I'm thinking that as long as I listen to my body and take precautions to prevent injury, that maybe I can indeed handle it.

My friend, Robin, sent me a link to SmartCoach from Runner''s World.  So I entered in my data, and voila, a training plan.  Now, while I do like following training plans, I can rarely do them exactly due to my somewhat heavy race schedule, so I will translate this into something that works in my own training spreadsheet... but basicly it comes down to adding tempo runs and speedwork (which I admittedly never do) and ramping up my long runs quicker.  This plan actually has me running three 20-mile runs.  I'm thinking I should just go for it, and if it becomes too much of a struggle, or I'm feeling pain in places I didn't know existed, then I'll pull back some.

Am I crazy?  It's my first marathon.  Should I really push for THREE separate 20-mile runs?  Will I over-tax my body?  (Side note:  I am VERY good about taking 2 days of complete rest - usually Wednesday and Sunday.)  Do you follow a training plan?  Do you do speedwork/tempo runs? 

Yeah, pretty sure I am crazy.  I do believe I have to go get in 7 miles if I'm going to start this out right! 

(Another side note - you'll see where I input my info that I chose a 13 week training plan... that's only because I'm already 7 weeks into my training.  I certainly don't recommend ramping up all the way to a marathon in 13 weeks.)