I Survived...

... my first tempo run!  But more about that in a second.

First of all, yesterday my brother adequately convinced me that my future is definitely as a runner and NOT as a triathlete.  He ended up in the ER after missing a curve on his bike which resulted in his bike snapping into two and his face ending up firmly planted into the pavement.  (Let's note here that *I* am the family clutz.)  Knock on wood - but I'm pretty sure the worst that can happen at my slow running pace is a couple of skinned knees.  Although I'm sure there are stories out there...  Since I am the clutzy one, I'm pretty sure if you put me on a bike at that speed, results would not be good.  Get well, bro (for the record, he is fine and the CAT Scan was clean... his bike, not so much).  I'm sure he'll be back in race form soon, cause he has two big races coming up - 2010 Livestrong Challenge and the Wish 100 . Go ahead, clickety click on the link and make a donation for a good cause - Make-a-Wish and/or Livestrong.  In fact, if you donate to either of these races for my brother, I'll have a bonus entry just for you in my next giveaway (or two!!!). 

On to running... last night I got dressed in my running clothes, double checked to make sure my favorite Tuesday running group was meeting, and got ready to get into bed.  Yes, you can mark me as kooky now... I do get into my running clothes the night before if I intend to get up really early to run, it's just one less thing to think about.  A groggy morning-hater trying to wriggle into a jogging bra at 4:30 am is just not fun.  Right as I was getting into bed, my husband lets me know that since he came home early on Labor Day that he needed to go to work really early.  What time... you guessed it, 5am.  Did I mention that my running group meets at 5am?  At that point I just decided I was gonna go to bed anyway, and I was already in running clothes, so whatever...

At this point, I didn't have a clue how I was going to get my run in.  I tried the dreadmill on Labor Day with all three kids home and it was a disaster, so I was not looking forward to the possibility of the home dreadmill.  AND I was supposed to meet a friend at the zoo today, and knew I wouldn't have time to hit the gym beforehand.  But I woke up to pouring rain.  Zoo cancelled... gym workout ON.  I had double duty on the horizon for today.  I had promised myself to start doing tempo runs and speedwork, as well as commiting to cross-training once a week (which I usually do on Tuesdays at my friend, Elaine's bodyworks class).  So I decided to push... I got on the dreadmill and pushed out a tempo run... 1 mile warm-up, 4 miles at my recommended 10:20 pace (based on the calculator that I posted yesterday), and 0.5 mile cool-down.  Had to cut the cool-down short by 1/2 mile so I could get to class.  Quick pit stop, and I ran into Elaine's class, where she proceeded to absolutely kill my quads and shoulders.  Gee Elaine, I thought we were friends.  (Did I mention that SHE ran a 15K yesterday, and the only reason I am forgiving her for that torture is that I know it was just as torturous on herself.)

When I got home, I was dreaming of the chocolate cherry smoothie that Katie makes, but I needed some extra protein after that workout, so I made some modifications... Here's what I used:
1 frozen banana (I love to put the browning ones into the freezer)
1 handful of frozen cherries
1 handful of frozen blackberries
1 handful of fresh spinach
1 c. of milk (approximately)
1 handful of ice
1 pack of Diet Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate mix
1 scoop of Vanilla protein powder

I loved the thicker, creamer texture from the milk and frozen banana.  However, this concoction made enough for 2 1/2 full glasses worth (1/2 glass went to my daughter and 1 glass went in the fridge).  I calculated that the full recipe was about 450 calories... so a glass was probably just under 200.  YUM!  It was absolutely delicious.

On a side note, I used GU's new Watermelon-flavored chomps before my workouts.  Admittedly, I am usually not a fan of chomps.  I don't like chewing them, and the flavor is usually too strong.  I did not expect to like these, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Certainly not the first thing I'd reach for, but still quite tolerable.  They definitely only lasted my body about 45 minutes (which is all they are supposed to last, but I find that sometimes the gels last a bit longer for me).  Anyway, if you like the chomps or don't like the texture of the gels... you might give these a try (and I normally don't like watermelon-flavored things).