It's a Record-setting Kind of Day

Do you see that???  Do ya???  I might be slow, but I did it.  My longest run ever.  I had only planned on 11 or so this weekend, but a friend asked to run with me (thank you Robin!), and her training plan called for 13.5 this weekend.  She was kind enough to slow down for me, so I wanted to go the distance in return.  Don't get me wrong, I was hurting once we passed 9 miles or so, but it was just going so easily.  I felt my body slow down a little, but we just kept talking and kept running.  The loop around White Rock Lake is 9 miles, so we had to go past my car by just over 2 miles and then turn around to come back to the car.  Well as we were heading back, I looked down at my watch and saw 13.55.  I said "woah, we've gone too far."  Seriously, not words I ever thought would come from my mouth today.  (And yes, I will gladly claim that 0.05 as "too far".)  We went ahead and did a short walk to cool down and to even out the miles at 14.  Today was a major confidence boost on the road to my first marathon in December.
Not only did I get a record number of miles in today, but this was my highest mileage week ever.  I couldn't be happier.
Today - 14 miles (record distance)
Week - 40.5 miles (most miles in a week)
Year - 627.5 (on track to hit my 1,000 mile goal!!!)