Jailbreak Race Review

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Yesterday, I did the Jailbreak.  It was a 3.8 mile "mud" run and obstacle course.  I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but I was mortified leading up to it about getting injured.  And for the record, I cannot stand dirt.  I don't even like for the kids to eat Doritos because it makes your fingers all icky.  I don't like Play Doh or finger paint either.  Yes, I know I'm a terrible mom, and I need to loosen up, but so be it.

Our wave started at 4pm, which working backwards meant I wanted to leave the house by 1pm-ish (considering the hour drive over, plus parking and shuttling to the race location, plus packet pick-up, etc).  I have never done a race anytime other than first thing in the morning, and I didn't realize how much I appreciated just getting up and getting things together and going!  I didn't realize it until yesterday.  I hated the all day anticipation.  I felt like I couldn't do anything for fear of not getting home in time, or in tiring myself out, or not eating the right things (which you will realize was utterly ridiculous in a few minutes). 

So my friend, Denya, arrives at my house around 1pm, and while she changes, I load up the car to go.  We're out the door by 1:15pm.  Then we discovered, 2 miles down the road, that she forgot her phone, so we whip around and head back to grab it.  I call up the hubster and have him stand at the street ready to pitch it into the car.  All goes smoothly, and we're back on the road.  DING!  What?  Ding?  Oh no, seriously?  Yep, I failed to fill the gas tank.  Idiot alert.  So now we have 2 more stops (because we're both starving for lunch and figure we have a solid 2-3 hours to let it settle).  Despite driving through Dallas, we find very little and end up grabbing some chicken strips from Popeye's and then grabbing some gas before getting back on the highway with an ETA to the race of 2:30pm.  And yes, you read that right... I ate greasy chicken strips, fatty fries, and a biscuit that I'm certain is straight lard laced with some sort of highly addictive substance.  Their biscuits are divine, but I can actually feel my heart struggling to pump as I eat one.  Not my recommended pre-race meal.  Seriously folks, don't try this.  I knew I'd be taking it easy for this race, so I wasn't as worried about my bad decision!
Parking was a breeze, and we hopped onto the shuttle with no issues.  Parking was $5 but every cent of it got donated to the charity.  The bus ride was short and sweet.  We were dropped off right at the registration tables.  It was confusing for a second, but everything was right there.  Table 1, get your number.  Table 2, get your t-shirt and goodies.  Then a quick "before" pic of me and Denya with my friend Alisha that was running with her husband in the wave after us.  Then table 3, check your bag (which as it turns out was not the most brilliant idea since we still had 90 minutes until race time). 
We mostly spent the next 90 minutes wandering around aimlessly.  We watched a few muddy people cross the finish, listened to a tune or two from the band, checked out what was around, people-watched some extremely unique" individuals in some, um, "costumes" that I haven't the right words for - suffice it to say hot pink full body (down to the fingertips) suits (mostly men and one woman) accompanying a bride.  Finally it was time to rally up to the starting point.  It was hot (around 96 degrees), but I was ready to go.  (Side note:  I chose to wear the cheapest workout gear I had... some stuff from Target that I picked up before I got uber-serious about running.)
It took all of 10 seconds after the start before we were up and down little hills and into a giant mud-puddle.  So immediately the feet are soaked and heavy with mud.  It made for a very odd sensation while running.  We did a very light jog between obstacles.  Denya was awesome!  She's not a runner and had a recent injury, but she kept pushing every step of the way.  Not far from the start someone made a wrong turn where the barrier tape had fallen, and like lemmings, we all followed.  When we reached the barrier tape for the other portion of the course, we realized we had gone the wrong way and turned back.  That does not make for a good race start.  Anyhow, we kept pushing on.  I was disappointed that most of the "obstacles" were mud pits or getting through a pond or river of chest deep (and I'm 5'11") super muddy, murky water.  Have I ever mentioned that I'm not a fan of water except when it's in a pool?  The thought of creepy crawlies in the water and all those weird amoebas just gives me the heebie jeebies (yes, that's a technical term).  There were a few more interesting obstacles like a large hay pile that I had trouble getting over despite owning a pair of amazon legs.  And then the best obstacle, in my opinion, which was a water slide down a muddy cliff and into a small river.  Which would have been more awesome if my shorts hadn't caught on part of the slide, and I sat hanging from it until I pulled myself back up and freed my shorts.  Down that, then through the river... and back up the cliff was the hardest obstacle.  There were tires attached to the side of the cliff that you had to use to climb your way back up (I'm really not sure how more petite folks handled that... I had to throw my  excessively long limbs to their full extension in order to get up).  I have to call out one particularly lame section where there was "smoke" and you weaved through some stuff and a man was supposed to pretend to shoot at you.  The man looked like he was 2 minutes away from dreaming about unicorns and rainbows.  The course ended with a section of running that was out in the blazing sun, then through a final couple of deep deep mudpits with some holes that tried to get a few ankle victims, and then finally, the low crawl under the barbed wire.
All in all, it was a lot of fun, but I was a little disappointed in the variety of the obstacles.  Too many were just mudpits and about 5 sections of wading in water up to my chest.  And every time we'd get muddy, which for this race was a badge of honor, we'd then have to go through water which would wash it all off.  Almost all the mud on me at the end is from the final low crawl under the wire in the mudpit.
Would I do it again?  Maybe... It would have to be with a group, though, to add to the fun factor.  I know I've seen mud runs with more exciting obstacles...  I was uber-cautious on the course though, I really did not want to injure myself, so we went pretty slow.  I really wish they would do a race like this in the spring where I could go all out.  It's just too hard to risk it before the busy fall race season.
And for the record, I did donate my beloved, but dead, Asic Gel-Nimbus 12s at the end up the race and went home in flip-flops.
Denya and I after the race.  Yes, I realize we posed with porta-potties behind us... it's there to distract you from our ridiculous height difference.
My friend Alisha and her hubby, Jon, at the finish.  (Alisha is currently training for the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk.  See her donation page HERE.)
And some random people that just looked like they had a lot of fun!!!