Ryder's Sunglasses Review...

... oh yeah, AND a giveaway... so keep reading.

In case you didn't notice in my race photos from last weekend, I was sporting a new pair of shades. Yes, I had on black Swerve Pro sunglasses from Ryders.  I am picky about sunglasses.  Most sunglasses slip (I have a small noggin' - go ahead make your jokes!).  If they don't slip, they give me a headache after wearing them awhile.  These sunglasses held up to the test.  The fit was nice.  The grippy nose piece and sides kept the glasses firmly, but comfortably seated in place.  It was pretty humid outside, and I didn't experience any fogging.  I wasn't left with a headache afterwards.  And you want the kicker?  All of their sunglasses are extremely affordable.  The prices range from $29-$69, with the large majority of pairs pricing at $39.  I don't know if you've priced sports sunglasses, but my last pair cost closer to $130.  With the affordability of the Ryders, you could easily have a few pairs ready to switch out.  I live in Texas and sunglasses are a must except on my 5am runs (I even wear sunglasses when it's not sunny because my eyes are extremely sensitive, and I find blocking the wind and other elements is just as important). 
I'm thinking I could start myself a small farm of these babies... they have some really fun colors, but I'd love to start with these hot pink ones:
Cute, huh?
So, I know what you're waiting for... you want a pair, don't you?  Your very own pair to take home, so that you, too, can look uber-cool at all the races, right?  Well, do I have a fun surprise for you.  I have a pair of Red Ryders.  And I know you're thinking exactly what I'm thinking...
Yep, I giggle everytime I think about these sunglasses.  But yes, I have a pair of awesome RED Ryders sunglasses for one very lucky reader.  Wanna see 'em?
The style is the Zephyr.  And yes, I plan to be a bit jealous of the winner.  I love these, and red is my favorite color.  But alas, I do plan to share the goodies.  So, I bet you are itching to know how to win.
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