Today Kicked My Butt

Short post because I'm whipped like cream cheese frosting.  Well, actually, cream cheese frosting sounds good... so, um, I'm whipped like brussell sprout puree.  OK, now that's a stretch... I really stink at analogies today.

I don't know why, but a big part of my running is to get others into it.  I love finding new running buddies and getting others excited about completing their first race or a new distance.  I rarely turn down the opportunity to run with others.  Today, I had 2 of those opportunities, and I took them.

So at 5am, it was a tough 6 miles with Jenn.  Got home around 6:30am, made the kids and hubby lunches and sent them on their way, and was at the dreadmill by 8am.  On less than 2 hours of recovery, I started run #2 with Emily.  I ended up running just over 4.5 miles with 0.5 mile walking warm-up and cool-down.  Total mileage for the day was 11.5.  It may have been 2 runs, but it was further than I have ever run in a day of training. 

For some reason it managed to pull every ounce of energy out of me... all of it... I had nothing left the rest of the day... and the 40 minute nap I managed to sneak in was just not enough.  Gonna keep it to a super easy day tomorrow because if things go as planned, I may have my longest run ever this Saturday... we shall see!!!

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