You Want Another Giveaway, Don't You?

What?  Has it been a whole day without a giveaway on my blog?  I think it has.  Do not expect this pace to keep up, but I just happen to have some uber-cool items to share, and want to share them with you right away.

Tonia of Racing with Babes (a really awesome blog that you should follow) decided she would take matters into her own hands when she needed headbands for running.  TMB Endurance Bands are Tonia's non-slip atheletic headbands. 

This is my favorite one from her etsy store.  Absolutely LOVE it.
Now before I review this little gem of a headband, there are two things you must know about me.  I have tons and tons of hair, but the texture is fine, so everything slips off.  It usually takes me two of those uber-thick hairbands to hold my hair in a ponytail.  And even those get all mangled and stretched and have to be replaced yearly.  Second, did you ever see the movie Beetlejuice with Michael Keeton?

See the shrunken head dude?  Well that guy has nothing on me.  I have the world's tiniest head.  I don't know why I'm a pinhead, but I am.  So again, everything slips off my head. 
So, I got this awesome pink with black polka dot TMB Endurance Band from Tonia and couldn't wait to try it out.

See it on there?  Yes, I realize it doesn't look like I have an itty bitty head in this photo, but that's because I'm taking a photo of myself which always gives you some strange distortion with a giant head and tiny body.  Trust me, I have a pinhead.  But isn't the band cute?

I have to admit, when I put it on, it wasn't super snug on me, and I had little confidence that it would stay in place.  Not long after I took that photo, I took an 11 mile run.  I did not touch the headband even once.  Nada.  And this is my "after" photo (which you've already seen, but probably didn't realize I was wearing the band)...

Can you tell that it didn't slip at all???  Through 11 miles, it held my heavy, but slick, hair back off of my face and didn't budge.  Really?  What more can you ask for.  These headbands rock, and especially now that I have short hair and can just throw on a headband and head out for a run.
You want one, don't you?  (OK, so my male followers are probably saying "uh, no, no I don't".)  Well, if you want one, just head on over to her etsy store and get yourself one.  They are really affordable.  AND, bonus, Tonia is giving all of my readers a free headband with your purchase of $35 or more (valid through 12/31/10).  All you have to do is enter the code "RUN35" in the notes to seller at checkout.  She also wants to let you know that she's happy to accept custom orders and provide group discounts. 

But, yes, one lucky ready will get to win one!!!  One of you will win this go-with-everything black with gold polka dots TMB Endurance Band, still sealed in its package.

I'm going to make this giveaway simple.  Separate comment for each entry.
1.  Mandatory - be or become a follower of this blog and comment about it - 1 entry
2.  Visit TMB Endurance Bands on etsy and tell me your favorite band (don't forget to add her as a favorite seller, if you have an etsy account) - 1 entry
3.  Share this giveaway and let me know about it - blog, facebook, or twitter - 1 entry

Easy enough?  Giveaway ends Wednesday, September 29th.  Winner will be posted Thursday morning.