100th Post!

This is my 100th post to this blog, and I kept trying to think of ways to celebrate, so I decided to give you a run down of my 100 most memorable miles from the last year!

(In order of date...)
9 miles - Dec. 5, 2009 - My first full lap around White Rock Lake - It was freezing cold with high winds coming off the lake, but I was determined to finish it.  I was alone, no music, no water, no GU, no Garmin, nothing.  I didn't have any of that stuff then and didn't know any better!

13 miles - Dec. 13, 2009 - Completed my first half marathon - Dallas White Rock - I ran with the 2:30 pace group until mile 9, and then I completely lost it and my body started to shut down.  The last 4 miles were complete misery, but I was filled with an immediate sense of accomplishment... not to mention, I got my first bling!!! - Time 2:35

6 miles - Feb. 6, 2010 - Tal Morrison 5K Race - I ran this with my super speedy 8-year old nephew.  He really pushed me, but I forced myself to keep up with him.  I somehow turned my usual 11 min/mile pace into a 9:22 pace to get a 29:07.  This was my first 5K since my very very long break from running (almost 10 years).  THEN I went over to a friends house and helped her push through a 3 mile run.  It was cold, cold, cold... but I felt extremely accomplished and was shocked at my time.

13 miles - Apr. 5, 2010 - Training run - I cannot omit this run because this was the day my friend, Karen, asked me if I would do her long run with her to help her prepare for her half marathon.  I was glad to take her up on the opportunity.  I chose the path, and the goal mileage was 10.  I got us completely lost... completely... it was insanity, and we ended up finding our cars after 13 miles.  I laughed and laughed (even though I feared Karen would never speak to me again), and I was also shocked how good I felt.

13 miles - Apr. 11, 2010 - Big D Half Marathon - Well, that training run helping a friend that I just talked about... well, I didn't want to waste it, so I signed up for this half the week of the race.  Something I could've never fathomed doing (especially considering I already had another scheduled 3 weeks away).  This was the half marathon that completely changed my confidence about running.  I signed up on a whim, and I felt great the whole race.  I felt like I could've gone further (this was the moment a marathon entered my mind - something that previously seemed completely ridiculous).  Time 2:28

8 miles - Apr. 13, 2010 - Training Run - A friend challenged me to 100 miles in 20 days... I did it!  This was the run that was the final 8 miles on day 20 of the challenge.

13 miles - May 2, 2010 - Heels and Hills Half - I had just run a half-marathon 3 weeks before, but the stars aligned, the weather was perfect, and I felt great... this was my PR race (and still holding). Time 2:19.  It was also the final day of a 39 day running streak totalling 182 miles.

1 mile - May 31, 2010 - American Heroes 1 Mile Fun Run - I also ran a 10K that day, but that was awful... this 1 mile fun run with my middle child, Lily, is probably the single most memorable mile I have ever run.  I will never forget it!

8 miles - Jun 15, 2010 - Training run - I was on vacation in Virginia and was proud of myself for getting up early and pushing through an 8 mile run that had me zig-zagging down way too many small streets in my hometown.  It was just a new environment...  It was odd to have this new me in my old town.

14 miles - Sept. 4, 2010 - Training run - My first time running more than a half marathon, and I felt great.  I ran the whole thing with my friend, Robin, and she kept me on pace.

3 miles - Oct. 2, 2010 - Vineyard 5K - I have never pushed my body so hard in a run.  5K's are a totally different mindset and very difficult for me.  The hills were insane, but I pushed like crazy and pulled off a 28:26 PR.  My fastest miles ever... and the first time I had to lie down immediately after crossing the line.  This was also the only time, in all my races, that I can remember really tearing up.  I was just shockingly proud of the way I pushed.  (It was also the final day of my highest mileage week ever - 50 miles.)

I think I did 101 miles, but I'm not going to dare edit this list.  It is what it is.  And there you have it!

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