14 Days and Counting - the Treadmill!

After spending a weekend in Edom, TX selling this:

I was able to get over my nausea and guilt, and call up Sole Treadmills and order one of these:
Now I have 14 days to figure out how to get my dead treadmill out of my house!  I am so excited.
I know what many of you are thinking... ugh, a dreadmill!  How can THAT be exciting?  You know I have a love/hate relationship with them.  But the simple fact of life is that there are days where they are just unavoidable for me, as the mother of 3 kiddos. 
I run 3 places (untill my recent treadmill death) - outside, gym, and home.  The decision process pretty much looks like this... If I have childcare (my husband is home and will continue to be home until I am done) and someone to run with, I love to get outside.  Usually this is on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  If everyone is healthy, the big kids are at school, and I have no morning appointments/events that I have to attend to - then I go to the gym for the treadmill.  There's better people watching and usually a friend or two there to chat with.  But, if my husband is out of town, the kids are out of school, or a kid is under the weather, or a morning appointment killed my gym window... then I depend on my home treadmill.  And these things occur more often than you'd think!!!
I like to run at least 5 days a week, though I can be ok with 4.  If I miss more than a day or two of running, I can automatically feel myself getting grumpy.  I also find it just dreadful to run after I've been off 2 or 3 days.  The more often I run, the easier each run feels.  I'm just careful to gauge my runs on how my body feels and not be afraid to take a very short, slow run if I feel my body needs the recovery.
Anyhow, I researched for several weeks, and I cannot wait to get this treadmill.  I promise to do a full review once it arrives, and I've had some time to test it out.
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