Clyde's Challenge of 50!

I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seats, refreshing my blog every few seconds, waiting for my report of whether or not I completed my challenge.  The challenge was for me to run, walk, or crawl 50 miles in one week - from Sunday to Saturday.  The most miles I have ever run in a week was 41 miles, and that was just a few weeks ago.  Also, I was sort of limited on Sunday and Saturday - I had a half marathon Sunday and a 5k race today (followed by other commitments that limited running to just the race distance).  AND after the challenge had be laid down, my treadmill died.  There go the few miles that I intended to get in between runs by just casually walking anytime I got a phone call.

So here's the weekly report -

Sunday - 13.45 - Heels and Hills Half Marathon - I run faster during races than my normal pace, so I was definitely feeling sore... more than usual.

Monday - 8 - Hit the gym with my friend, Emily.  I ran 4.5 miles at a reduced pace and then walked the rest.  Really wasn't feeling wise.  This was too much for me post half-marathon.

Tuesday - 2.55 - I bypassed the running group because I needed this day to ensure I wouldn't end up injured this week.  My legs were begging for a break.  So this was a very very slow pace around my neighborhood (which is suspiciously hilly for a Texas neighborhood).

Wednesday - 8.1 - Finally feeling good.  7 miles running with 1.1 miles of walking.

Thursday - 6.6 - Again, not feeling too bad.  Weather beautiful.  Ran 6 miles and then cooled down walking for 0.6.

Friday - 8.3 - I had saved 8 miles for this day thinking I would help Emily with her long run, but family duties beckoned, and she couldn't make it.  For the first day of the week, I had to argue with myself to get my rear to the gym.  I think I slept through the first couple miles of walking.  I wanted to go super easy knowing that I had the 5K the next day (and I plan to do my longest run ever this upcoming Sunday, right on the heels of a 50 mile week).  So only maybe 4.5 miles of this was running, the rest was walking.

Saturday - 3.1 - Vineyard Run 5k

TOTAL - 50.1 miles

Did you read that?  I ran 50 miles in ONE week.  F-I-F-T-Y.  Am I glad that I took on the challenge?  Absolutely.  I proved to myself that with just desire and consistency, I can do pretty much anything I set my mind to.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely not.  Not because I'm overly exhausted or beaten down or anything.  Simply put, I ended up sacrificing quality for quantity.  Because I was uber-careful about not injuring myself prior to my December marathon, I definitely was conservative during my runs.  I slowed the pace, I spent a lot more time walking that usual.  Even the day I did 7 miles, I went a minute per mile slower than my normal treadmill pace. 

So the major lesson learned is QUALITY runs.  I'm proud of my 50, but if I never reach it again, that's ok.  As long as I'm getting in the right runs for my training and giving them 100%.  Yeah me for staying consistent and pushing through this challenge and coming out uninjured and still motivated to continue.

Now, off to find my legs for my 15 mile long-run tomorrow.