Dreadmills - The Great Equalizer

I don't have a lot of time to post this week... I see virtual cobwebs starting in the corners of my blog.  But there was a small tidbit in my mind today that I thought I'd share.

Most of my friends and family know that I have a love/hate relationship with the "Dreadmill".  It's a fact of life for me.  I have 3 children, one of which is home all day.  If I don't get out before the rooster crows (i.e. a 5am run), I am stuck with the dreadmill to do my dirty work.  I used to rotate between the dreadmill at home and the one at the gym, where I could at least people-watch.  Now my home treadmill is dead.  R.I.P. Reebok ACD1.  You had a short tread anyhow and my long legs will not miss you at all!

But today I was at the gym on the treadmill, pushing through a 10 mile run next to my friend, Emily, who was doing her weekly long run preparing for her first half marathon.  There was a moment on the treadmill today where I gained an appreciation for the gym and the treadmill.  I'm sure most of you know how hard it is to find running buddies that want to do the same pace and distance as your training calls for.   

Well today, as we pushed on the treadmill, at one point, there were 4 of us in a row on our treads... On the end was my friend, Amie, who is 5 months pregnant walking through a couple miles.  Next was Emily pushing through a long 8-mile run training for her first half marathon.  Then me, training for my first marathon.  Then Ashley, 14-time marathoner and Ironman, zipping through her 10-13 miles that she pushes out on the tread every single day.  But there we were, all side-by-side, all exchanging stories and catching up on families... all at the same time.  Maybe the treadmill isn't always so dreadful.

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