Headed Off to an Art Show

I mentioned it briefly before, but I do have another life outside of running and playing mommy.  This weekend, I am heading to the tiny town of Edom, TX where they put on an annual art festival.  This show is known for the quality of art, so I can't wait to participate.  Just in case anyone wants to check it out...  you can head HERE.

My bag is packed and is extra full this time... why?  Because I needed to pack running clothes and shoes.  I used to be a light packer.  Now I need a roller bag for 2 days away.  Unfortunately, the hotel details are completely void of information about whether or not there is a gym... I'll even take 2 lonely treadmills in a hot boring room.  I didn't get a run in today while rushing around getting things done, and I do not want 3 days off.  Generally, that just means that Monday's run will be absolutely miserable.

See you on the flip side... and maybe I'll even show you some peeks of my work... who knows. 

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