Nuu-Muu Running Dress Review and Giveaway

I am so excited about this giveaway.  I know a few of you had asked me about my outfit for the Heels and Hill Half Marathon.   (Sorry the photo is a tad blurry, it was very dark outside and hard to find light.)  I was wearing a Nuu-Muu exercise dress.  The particular style I have on is Soiree - orchid and white bubbles on a black background. 
First a few awesome points about Nuu-Muu, the company.  They believe in strong women (of all shapes and sizes) and green living (including recycled packaging and tags).  Also, every Nuu-Muu is made in the USA.  They are all manufactured in small quantities.  And lastly, Nuu-Muu believes in giving back.  They support their local Komen for the Cure and Girls on the Run.  It's really nice to support a company that cares!
So let's get to it, because I know what people think when they first see an exercise dress - cute, but not for me.  Trust me, I think the same thing.  My first issue with most running dresses is that a built-in shelf bra is not going to hold me in place... I love that the Nuu-Muu does not have a built-in bra.  You can wear your own sports bra underneath, as well as deciding weather you want to wear shorts, capris, or long tights underneath.  Not to mention, since there's no built in bra, I could easily throw a long sleeve technical tee under this if I wanted for cold days.
Let's face it too, I'm not the size of a super model.  Ok, well maybe I'm tall enough, but that's about it.  I love their sizing.  They come in (S)assy, (M)arvelous, (L)ovely, and (XL)ent.  (They also come in XS, but no cute name there.)  I chose a Lovely.  I was borderline per their sizing between Marvelous and Lovely, but chose to go a little roomier, and I'm glad I did.  When it arrived and I slipped it on (oh my dear, the fabric felt so comfortable), I was stunned at how flattering it was.  Because of my height and shape, I'm very particular about what I can and cannot wear.  I was so pleased that I was happy with how it looked.  I might even be caught wearing this around town!  Who knows.
I still had a lot of concerns... Would it ride up?  Would I chafe?  Would it just flat out be uncomfortable?  I mean, it felt great standing, but you never know what will happen over 13.1 miles.  But I'm here to tell you, I hardly noticed it.  Nothing rubbed, nothing shifted.  It did not ride up at all, which is pretty close to a miracle considering my shape and hips.  The only reason I noticed it is because I had ladies running up to me asking me questions - "Where did you get that?"  "Is it comfortable?"  I have never received so many questions and compliments about what I was wearing.  I felt like a running fashion superstar (ok, maybe I wasn't that cool, but you get my point).
Today, I am going to share with you a photo that I'd really rather not share.  I mean look at my face.  Ugh, I look like I'm in agony.  Which, frankly, I am... but I still try to smile for photos.  But I wanted to post this because you can see that the dress is still hanging exactly how it started... and this is at the very end of 13.45 sweaty miles.  If it looks short, that's just because I'm an amazon (5'11").  Just to prove it really is just because I'm tall, look at the photo of me with Sherry!

Really, I couldn't have been happier with the Nuu-Muu.  It fit great, it didn't chafe at all, it didn't ride up, and it was extremely comfortable.

If I had one thing I would change, I might suggest adding a small pocket or two (probably in the center of the back) where you could put a GU packet or two.  I didn't want to wear my iFitness belt over this, though I probably could have.  I was able to put one in the pocket in my pants, since it just involved a very small lift up of the dress.  The other two went in the outer pocket of my handheld water bottle. 

I'm really thinking about trying the Mini-Muu's for Lily's tennis.  She is sooooooo skinny, and she always wants to wear skirts, but the elastic waistbands are always too loose.  Maybe we'll get matching Nuu-Muu's for the Disney Princess races in February.  I really do love this thing.  I definitely need to own more than one!
Now, what you've been waiting for - the chance to win your very own Nuu-Muu in your choice of sizes.
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