Two Thoughts Tuesday

Well, everyone else in the blog world does Three Thoughts Thursday, so I thought I would break the mold and stir things up a bit with Two Thoughts Tuesday!  I know... I'm wild, I'm cutting edge, I whistle my own tune.  Scratch that last one, you don't want to hear any tunes come out of my mouth, trust me.  Even my two year old says "Please mommy, no sing."  Nails on chalkboards and armadillos under 18-wheelers make more pleasant sounds than my vocal chords.  Anyhow, on to the two things...

1.  I didn't run yesterday, and I didn't run today.  2 days in a row is the brink of my "lazy alarm".  I will go tomorrow even if I have to piggyback a small child uphill amidst an avalanche.  I think my body needed and welcomed the 2 days off though after 8 straight days of pushing it.

2.  Nuu-Muu... you know you want one.  They are the cutest exercise dresses ever.  Here's a photo of someone who looks way cuter in one than me (although I do have to say that I think the Nuu-Muu even looks mighty cute on me which is no small feat)...

So head down to my giveaway and enter.  I mean, really, it shouldn't take much convincing to make a couple of keystrokes for a pretty good chance at winning your very own Nuu-Muu... about equivalent to the chance of winning $2 on a $5 scratch-off lottery ticket... in other words, very good odds.

On a side note regarding the Nuu-Muu, my only suggestion was that the Nuu-Muu potentially add some pockets.  Guess what?  I got an e-mail today from Enid at Nuu-Muu, and they are actually designing a new dress with a back pocket - called a Ruu-Muu!!!  It should be available by February.  That really makes me happy.  Can't wait to see it!

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