Upcoming Reviews and Feeling so UGH...

First, I will be doing a review here in the next week or two of a foam roller! Really excited to try it out. I'll be reviewing it for CSNstores. If you aren't familiar with CSNstores yet (how could you not be??? come on...) - they have just about anything and everything you could want with a collection of over 200 online stores. They have fitness equipment, handbags, shoes, luggage, bedding, etc. You can even buy a bar stool there. My favorite store, of course, is the cookware.com store. But pretty much anything ya want. (I got a fabulous food dehydrator from CSN recently that I cannot wait to try out.)

Now onto my current state of being... which is UGH.  What do you do when you're in the middle of training for a major event and you feel ick?  I can't even explain my ick.  I've been cramping for 3 days straight.  Could it be dehydration?  I have tried to push through some miles since my long run, and though nothing feels sore, my legs just won't go.  Their magical go-go juice is depleted.  Nothing specific hurts (besides my abdomen!), but nothing will GO.  Do I rest?  Do I push through and hope for better days?  I'm at a loss, and there isn't a lot of spare time to be fooling with my training.  Marathon #1 is now less than 8 weeks away... with this weekend out of town, 2 (maybe 3) weekends with races and 2 weekends of taper.  I think I shall press forward unless I feel a specific pain area.  I'm ready to go.  My confidence was at an all time high after the 19.1, but now it's headed downhill.

I am still in shock about not being sore from that last long run.  I think I'm a believer in the compression socks, for sure.  A full review on the socks is coming in the very near future as well!!!

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