What Do I Do?

Alright, fun and fantastic blog friends...

Here's the info...
- I am 5 weeks out from my first marathon and at least need some sort of long run this weekend.
- I am supposed to run a half marathon this Saturday.
- I am completely trained and capable of doing a half - and this one is supposed to be flat and fast.
- I am sick... I've had a sinus infection the last two days, and my planned 10 and 9 mile runs didn't happen at all.
- I am not supposed to run tomorrow, but instead supposed to "rest" for my half marathon.
- I am going to my inlaws for my husband's birthday on Saturday, so if I don't run the half marathon in their town, I probably won't get a run in at all.

Do I run tomorrow?  See how the legs feel?  I'm still icky, but definitely improving.  My head is just very congested.  If I run tomorrow, how far?  6 miles?  9 miles?  I don't question if I could do back-to-back mileage, but it might make my time Saturday slower.  Do I run in the race Saturday?  I can't imagine missing a weekend run this close to the marathon... I've only got 2 more long runs after this one before taper.  I honestly think I can push through it...

Alright... shout out and tell me what you think!

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