It is still in the mid-70s here in the Dallas area, although I know that the cold has already hit most of the country.  We don't get nearly as many months of cold as most other places, but when we do, I think Texans are perhaps the most ill-prepared to deal with it.  It never fails on a 60 degree day, that I will see someone in a parka, and on a 30 degree day, I will see some guy in shorts and a t-shirt.

When it comes to running gear, I am sometimes just as mixed up about what to wear.  I am usually the one that is way overdressed because I cannot stand to be cold.  Anyhow, one of the running blogs I love to read because it is so full of information is RunnerDude.  And he had a great post a couple days ago about what to wear on your runs.  So head on over HERE and read it.  If you've ever struggled with what to wear, I think you'll find it useful.

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