Acceleration-Glider Drill - Jeff Galloway - Week 4 of 4

Alright, so time for the final of the series of 4 Jeff Galloway videos.  This one is on a drill to improve speed.  I'm going to let this one speak for itself and then you can be the judge because I haven't tried this drill yet... but I will say that yet again, yesterday, I spent my whole race next to a group of Jeff Galloway-trained folks.  They passed me when they ran, I passed them when they walked... and they pretty much stayed right next to me the entire race (until I sped up at mile 12) despite my sustained effort without walking. 

The Jeff Galloway Acceleration – Glider Drill performed once a week will help you become faster and go the distance. This interval training drill teaches you to increase speed during your workout and gently move into a gliding stride. Let’s hit the road with Jeff Galloway.

Stay tuned, folks... review and giveaway coming this evening.