Another Half and Cheering for the 3-day!!!

This morning I went and picked up my race packet for yet another half marathon (yes, I know I just ran one last weekend... and I know my race schedule is interfering with my marathon training).

I love goodies... a long-sleeve technical tee, and a few extra goodies, mostly from Clif.  And did you notice my cool bib number?  Nice and low, despite this being a decent-sized event (about 3500 runners).  For you, TMB... let's translate the bib number.  9 is my lucky number... add that center 1 to either 8 and you get 9.  And this is my 7th half marathon (which is occuring on the 7th of November)... subtract that center 1 from either 8 and you get 7.  But despite all that good numbers ju-ju... I will not be "racing" tomorrow... I will be running.  Priority #1 right now is to get to the starting line of the marathon healthy.  I got my half marathon PR last weekend, and I feel no need to challenge it right now.  I'm hoping to run this half at marathon pace.  Looking forward to meeting up with Sherry to push through this "training" run.

After I picked up my packet, I went to go see an amazing group of women - the Susan G. Komen 3-day Breast Cancer walkers.  They were on day 2 of their walk (20 miles per day for 3 days).  The girls were thrilled to cheer them on and hand out candy (although I'm pretty sure Paige ate 1 for every 10 she handed out).  Congratulations to the amazing ladies that participated in this event.  A special shout-out to Alisha, Chrystyna, Dina, Lyndsey, Jamie, and Jackie.  Congratulations ladies and thank you for the amazing effort you put forth to raise money and awareness for breast cancer!
After 3 1/2 hours on my feet at that, it's time to rest and hydrate for tomorrow.