Cadence Drill - Jeff Galloway - Week 3 of 4

Today I have the third video in the Jeff Galloway series that I have been sharing.  And I'm going to open this up for discussion because I've seen two different viewpoints on this...

First, from Jeff Galloway... the Cadence Drill:

The Jeff Galloway Cadence Drill combines physical and mental training to increase speed. It is common sense that the number of steps you take while running will make you faster. Performing this :30 second interval training, 4 – 8 times, once a week , will help you accomplish your goal. Let’s get training.

Now, the flip side... per an article I read in Runner's World, the number of steps you take per minute should be consistent.

Per this little excerpt, you want to have 180 steps per minute.  So increasing steps shouldn't be your goal.  I have run many time next to Ashley at the gym and she runs much, much faster than me.  I have noticed numerous times, though, that we tend to step down the exact same number of times in a minute... often in rhythm with each other... despite the huge speed difference.
What do you think?  Is there an optimal number of steps per minute?  Or should your goal always be to increase the number of steps per minute?