CEP Compression Sock Giveaway Winner!!!

This giveaway got a huge response, and I'm so thankful to have so many readers.  I love compression socks, and all of mine have come from sportscompression.com .  (You can still place an order and get 15% off with code Blog15)

So, according to random.org (yes, there were 193 comments, but I did 1 to 194 due to a comment that contained 2 entries.  ;-)  )

The winner is MarathonMaiden!!!!!!!
Very excited about this winner, because not only was she just recently having a sock discussion in her post comments (she needs some socks!!!), but also... MarathonMaiden is hopping a plane to Dallas next week to run the White Rock Marathon!  So I'm hoping we'll get to meet (even though I'll be on mile 16 when she's crossing the finish line).  Congrats!
Don't worry, there will be more goodies coming soon... 'Tis the season, right???