Double Run with a Double Reason

At 4am, I woke up to the sound of my husband bowing to the porcelain god.  Ugh!!!  Knowing my alarm was set to go off at 4:20am anyhow, once I made sure that he was, in fact, going to live... I went ahead and got dressed and headed to the run group that I sometimes meet on Tuesday.  It was an unusually hot morning (71 degree with some ridiculous amount of humidity)... really?  In late November?  Anyhow, I got in a speedy (for me) 4.5 miles with the group.  Because of the humidity and temperature, I was dripping sweat as if it were mid-August. 

I got home to find my husband still a mess and moaning over the toilet bowl.  Fun times.  (This is where I should mention that I was Lysolling everything that he might have touched within the last year... don't want sick kids for the holidays and certainly don't want ME sick 11 days before my marathon.)  I figured that I was on my own today, so I worked to rush the kids to get ready and get out the door.  Patrick goes to school early on Tuesday and Thursday for Spelling Bee practice (yes, he's a little nerd just like his mommy was).  Anyhow, I dropped him early and then took the girls to breakfast.  Then I took Lily back to school.

Considering I was still soaked in sweat from earlier that morning, but I didn't want to disturb Peter while he was sleeping, the only real option was to go to the gym.  So that's where I went.  I limited myself to 6 miles.  I had already done 4.5, and I'm in taper.  I was ok with doing a slightly longer combined distance because I didn't run Friday, Saturday, OR Sunday this past weekend... and my run Monday was pitiful (I barely made it through 3.5 miles).

A couple of miles into my run, I realized that this run would put me over my 2010 goal of completing 1000 miles this year.  Wow!  That helped me push through... and I completed the 6 miles.  Shew!!!  I'm pretty proud of that goal, cause I will definitely say it wasn't easy.  I had to keep my mileage in check and on track all year long.  But here I am!  Now I have to plan bigger and better things for 2011.

1100 in 2011?
1231 by 12/31?
1500 just to see how crazy I can get?  (which I completely think I could do if my summer training didn't fall off so much)

Did you have a mileage goal this year?  Have you met it?